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VPNSecure Review 2018

In this modern age, different types of online threats await us whenever we are online. Sometimes it’s the hackers trying to steal our online data or identity. Other times our local ISP (Internet Service Provider) is peeking on our online activity.


At this situation, to protect our online privacy, we have no other option except to employ a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network can make us anonymous on the web, shielding us from myriads of online or cyber threats.


Therefore, there are hundreds of VPN service provider in the market but here we will discuss VPNSecure and its features and pricing & packages.


VPNSecure is basically an Australian based VPN service that working in the VPN industry since 2011.



So, read about this VPNSecure review to learn about the main strengths of the VPN.


Strong Protocols and Encryption


VPNSecure provides its user PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSH encryption.


Through PPTP protocol, you can get 128-bit encryption. But we would not recommend you to use this protocol because it has limited security and encryption level.


We would recommend you to use use OpenVPN protocol that offers 256-bit encryption level.


Likewise, the users can also use SSH tunneling protocol that gives you DES-CBC 64-bit encryption.


Zero Logging Policy


The VPN does not record personal information of the users. So, you can always use a safe and secure internet connection.


User-Friendly Client


VPNSecure is very easy to use. You can download it and use it as well within a few minutes. It’s very easy to navigate and customize.




The VPN is compatible with all major internet platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Roku as well. Check out the link, if you want to know complete detail about Roku VPN.


Supports Netflix


Many VPNs do not support Netflix and this is not a good sign for streaming lover. VPNSecure supports Netflix and can unblock geo-restricted websites and content. So, you can enjoy to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online on Netflix for free.


Excellent Customer Support


The VPN provides different types of communication to supply the queries of their subscribers. These include:


  • 24 / 7 /365 Live Chat Support
  • Email Ticketing System
  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) / Knowledgebase
  • Contact Us
  • Blog


Torrenting is Allowed


The VPN offers P2P activities to its users on their servers except US and UK. You can easily connect to available servers to download and share your preferred torrent.


Free Trial


The VPN offers a free trial feature to its users for 30 days. But, the trial only comes with the USA server and has a 2GB bandwidth.


Pricing Plans & Plackages


There are three types of plans by the VPN.


  • Monthly
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months


If you want to avail monthly plan, you will have to pay $9.95 on monthly basis. If you want to avail 6 months plan, you will have to pay $8.32 per month. The 12 months plan costs only at $6.66 per month. This is obviously better than monthly package and 6-month package.


For those users who do not need enough security and they prefer only high-speed. VPNSecure offers them PPTP pricing & packages. These includes:


  • $2.00 for only 7 days trial
  • $7.95 for one month
  • $39.95 for 6 months
  • $69.95 for 12 months


If you are totally bewildered that this VPN would be perfect for you or not then you should go ahead with VPNRanks…where you can read about hundreds of VPN service and choose a good one for you.