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Choosing the Best and the Fastest VPN Service

When choosing a VPN service, the most crucial thing to look upon is that whether it could fulfill your needs or not. You wouldn’t definitely buy a service which is not going to perform your required tasks.


We all subscribe VPN services for many purposes; the reason you are going to buy a VPN may differ with others. That’s the point that there is no specific provider that anyone simply go and buy. However, there are still several common things we can dig into, while picking a perfect VPN service.

What to Consider When Picking the Fastest VPN Service?

So here we will discuss how to pick the fastest VPN service which is perfect enough to fulfill your desired needs. The first and the foremost element in this regard is to identify why you need a VPN.

There are five elements you must consider before picking the fastest provider. Take a couple of minutes to look upon them below. This practice would help you analyze why you need a VPN and how does it fulfill your requirements.


  1. 1. Location


Let’s start with the basic and foremost thing you need to consider. Mostly, you go for a VPN service purely with an intent of connecting to a specific location or country. For example you need a VPN to connect to a specific location in the US, you must consider a service which provides the best servers in USA.


  1. 2. Speed


How faster a VPN app is can simply make or break your usage experience. If your connection is pathetically slow, you’ll be fed up and look for other choices. This not only would waste your time but also the investment you made. The first step in this regard, is to determine yourself how much speed you need and whether it would work for you or not. The three most important metrics of a speedy VPN service are download speeds, upload speeds and the ping time.


Here is the list of fastest VPN providers around the world. We prepared this list by testing each service one by one. We connected to different servers including USA, UK, Australia and Germany and presented the results according to our findings.

Look at the VPN Speed Test Results conducted by VPNRanks.com and you can yourself test a VPN speed right away with the given tool.


  1. 3. Privacy and Logging Policy


For many folks, a high-end online privacy is the foremost reason to subscribe to a VPN. If same goes for you, , the first thing you need to look for is if the service you’re going to choose does not save logs at all. This policy is also known as a Zero log policy. So you must go for the service which offers utter logless connection and subscriptions.


  1. 4. Technical Features


Many of us including me do not care about technical things. However, if you have some priorities over this, you must choose a protocol which offers the advanced security and features. The most in demand protocols of the time are OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.

This is how to choose the best and the fastest VPN service to fulfill your desired needs.