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Key Features of Ivacy VPN

In this modern age, cyber-attacks and data leaks issues are occurring from every side. If you want to find out a safe and secure way to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and want to secure your personal online information. It’s a good time to invest in digital privacy. It includes creating a strong password that you should not share with your friends and others.


A VPN keeps you hidden safely when you are online by encryption your online data and sending it through a safe and secure server.


Nowadays, there are numerous VPN services available. They provide you a safe and secure internet. We thoroughly read lots of best VPN reviews and found Ivacy VPN on the top of the list.



In this detailed analysis of Ivacy, we will discuss some key aspects of this VPN.


Kill Switch


Sometimes you lose your VPN connection and your IP address is exposed to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Ivacy use the kill switch feature so whenever you lose your connection it immediately stops your IP address from being leaked.


DNS Leak Protection


Sometimes, your Windows uses your default DNS instead of the DNS that provided by your VPN. It can also expose your location.


Ivacy provides DNS leak protection to keeps your location from being exposed.


No Logging Policy


Ivacy VPN neither store your logs nor keep an eye on what you are doing on internet or what you are browsing and which applications are you using as well.


Multi Logins


You can run Ivacy VPN on five different devices at a same time under a single username. So, all your five devices stay connected and protected all the time with Ivacy VPN.


Split Tunneling


This feature helps the internet users to cut down the load of their VPN services. You can decrease your extra load or burden on your internet speed.


Protocol & Encryption Support


Ivacy VPN offers PPTP, SSTP, L2TP-IPSec and OpenVPN protocols to its users. OpenVPN protocol supports AES 256-bit encryption. This means Ivacy is safe enough for you.


Torrenting: Unrestricted Downloading


Ivacy supports torrenting that enables you a safe and secure P2P file sharing service. The VPN provides optimized P2P servers with fast speeds to ensure your download and upload.


NAT Firewall


Every router has a NAT Firewall, but many VPNs advertise this feature.


This feature can make a way for harmful data to end up on your connection.


Ivacy VPN’s NAT firewall feature stops this from happening. This feature sort out any unusual data that may harm for your device.


Dedicated IP


When you use a VPN, you are given a shared IP and these IP addresses often slow down as the number of users and this can get you banned on few sites because of the activities of other users.


So, the only way to avoid this thing is to use dedicated IP addresses.


You can find out the complete detail about dedicated IP VPN here.


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In this analysis of Ivacy VPN, we tried to cover some key aspects of this VPN. Hope this might be helpful for you.